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June 8, 2009, 5:06 pm
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I like that blood here -//-
I’d love to donate my blood to save other people!!!
Your poster is simple but it clearly addresses your message 🙂

Comment by sshin925

i really like the superhero idea of your poster, and the drop of blood replacing the head. the little details that you should change were mentioned in class, like grammar and the 3 little planets behind the superhero. overall, i think your concept is really well thought out!!

Comment by pooeyy

I really like your message..donating blood is like being a superhero. The logo and O that look like a drop of blood is nice. I especially like it as the hero’s head so anybody can be the superhero.

Comment by sschan

MJ its a bird, its a plane its Super Blood Donor Man…Very effective job in creating action. The streaks showing your hero flying speedily through the skys to save a person in need of blood cemented the notion that even a normal person can be a hero. The Logo was superb and the limited colour palette had a lot of impact. I agree that the little dots of hemoglobin could probably be deleted but the 99percent of the rest of the poster was Aplus for me..good job

Comment by lonepineken

I like the simplicity of your poster and it’s message. I didn’t get a chance to see your logo up close, but it’s effective and works well.

Comment by coconutbread

I think it is creative to descrive a blood donor as a hero. I also liked your image a lot for its powerful simplicity. nice work!

Comment by se*

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